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Charley says: The promise of a energy carrier that can work with air in a fuel cell and produce electricity with no harmful emission is really exciting. The problem is, so far we have been lulled into thinking we can make it practical.

If I believed I could just lie on my back and absorb the sun's energy without ever again hunting for fish, I would be long dead.

Hydrogen As A Fuel

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All fuel cells of interest in transportation need Hydrogen to produce electricity, except for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. Hydrogen can be carried in highly compressed form or in liquid methanol, which contains more hydrogen per unit volume than liquid hydrogen.

Discussing Hydrogen as a fuel is at once the most frustrating and at the same time the most exciting story. At this point in time it is clearly frustrating. The fuel hyped for 20 years now seems as far from being practical to use as it did then. But there is a bright light reaching us from the other end of the tunnel. It is carrying hydrogen in the form of methanol. Methanol can be used as the fuel in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells or as the hydrogen carrier for PEM fuel cells.

Using Hydrogen now

Hydrogen from catalytic processes using natural gas

Hydrogen carried by methanol

Hydrogen created from natural gas in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells