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Energy Issues of interest to IER

Energy Resourcefulness can be applied to all aspects of our lives. From the mundane closing of a door in winter, to a discussion of safe nuclear waste disposal. But probably the most emotional topic is the future state of personal transportation. Thus, we put our initial emphasis on transportation.

Energy Conservation

Our Mascot, Charley the Sea Otter, is a very good example of energy conservation.



Institute for Energy Resourcefulness (IER) Initiatives

IER's mission is to look at the overall energy and environmental picture, with the dual purposes of educating and proposing potential solutions for discussion. This very broad prospectus will require building the membership of the Institute substantially over the years. The problems addressed range from our personal freedoms to our health, to the safety of all mankind. They call on the best thinking and analysis mankind can offer, not the financially or politically driven ones we have been offered so far. If you are driven to help in this way please contact us. Send your inquiry to

To start our endeavor, with the limited resources currently available to IER, we will focus on the Transportation sector, and its energy issues. It is one place where multiple benefits can be easily measured.

Some IER Transportation Initiatives

1. IER will seek professionals with the background to contribute 'white papers' and high level input to educate and move Energy Resourcefulness forward. This will include answering questions put forth by readers as the site is developed.

2. IER seeks to create focus groups that will increase the use of ethanol in our vehicles by understanding the ethanol blends of 15-40 % may result in better mileage at low cost to the consumer. These focus groups will be organized into local chapters of Flex Fueled Vehicle Owners Clubs. After participating in the study of optimal blends for Club members vehicles, the goal will be to have local filling stations install Blender Pumps to enable a wider use of the optimal ethanol Blends for each make of vehicle.

3. IER seeks to get municipalities, who have fleets of Flex Fueled Vehicles to participate in the Optimal Ethanol Blends Studies. This will save money for the municipalities and enable them to put into effect the use of ethanol Blends without any financial or performance sacrifice. After determining the optimum Blends for their fleets, the installation of Blender pumps set to dispense these blends will be indicated.

4. IER will publish open letters to Obama administration officials, and to local and state leaders, with edited public comments.

5. IER will seek to push for establishment of Pilot programs that can integrate the Federal government, the auto industry, the energy industry, businesses and local governments in clean air programs involving citizen's transportation.

6. IER will seek to have auto companies test and list the Optimal Ethanol Blends on the window sticker of each Flex Fueled Vehicle model they sell.

7. IER will present tutorials on programs and engineering that has proven successful in other countries, to show the possibilities for America.