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The urgent need to wean ourselves from foreign oil

It is persuasively argued that the worst recession since the Great Depression was, in part, caused by the rapid rise in commodity prices due to the rapid rise in oil prices. According to the World Bank it was NOT the corn used for ethanol.

When we entered recovery, the oil price rose again, we are experiencing a very slow recovery. If and when we recover and get on track to growth, oil prices will most likely rise further and we will enter into an even deeper recession if we remain so dependent on it. The bouncing of oil to and from new highs is inevitable because of the ever tightening supply in the face of rising demand.

So what can we do about it?

In the US a large fraction of the oil we import (25% of the worlds usage) is used for transportation. This site is dedicated to opening the blinders and displaying answers, not panaceas, but real life answers to getting us off the oil addiction.


Charley says:

Wouldn't it be great if we could get off oil and still have as much fun driving.

American Transportation Needs and Considerations

IER has a vision that will allow the future of motoring in our age of oil supply stress and global warming still be the most exciting experience possible, maybe even more exciting than ever before. And, it will be greener than ever before.

Our goals are to foster the design and production  of vehicles:

1. Whose design excites our desires and driving excitement keeps us thrilled.

2. Whose range and load carrying capability meets our needs.

3. Whose size, utility and range fits the American life-style.

4. Whose safety is uncompromised.

5. In which our enjoyment isn’t mitigated by fuel shortages, outrageous prices, or worry about warming the earth or polluting our environment.

We believe that Americans want to preserve and enhance these driving qualities and attributes - while at the same time:

      1. Being independent of oil (gasoline or diesel).

      2. Reducing our cancer exposure.

      3. Dramatically decreasing the atmospheric pollution we live with.

     4. Significantly lowering the Greenhouse gases emitted.


How can these apparently diametrically opposite goals be achieved?

See our transportation Vision, Goals and Agenda.

If these are goals what you want to see in your driving future, this site can inform you and help you to be part of the solution.

These are ambitious goals, so it is necessary to do this in steps. It is the immediate purpose of this site to show you, by example, that they can be achieved. We hope that the knowledge can free you from the slavery of the big money interests, and empower you to take the actions that can help all of us to find the best paths to the goals.



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