Charley hopes that for a very reasonable cost, we can get off gasoline, and then also off diesel.

Using ethanol and methanol will allow this.

Then, aah! Smell the flowers.


Research and Development Programs

I. Optimal Ethanol Blends Study

1. For the 14,000,000 existing Flex Fueled Vehicles, find the optimal ethanol blends for maximum mileage and lowest fueling costs.

2. For vehicles newer than 2001, determine optimal ethanol blends up to E20.

3. Working to install Blender pumps in municipalities

II. Vehicle and Fuels Related Programs:

1. Are Flex Fueled Vehicles fully alcohol capable; i.e., can they use methanol blends? If not fully capable, what fraction of the fuel blend can be methanol.

2. What are the conversion costs of gasoline vehicles newer than 2001 to enable them to run on ethanol and methanol?

3. What is the cost of modifying diesel engines to be spark ignition engines running at diesel compression ratio?

4. What is the cost of local small scale methanol production?

5. What are the medical hazards of benzene?

6. How well do 3-way catalytic converters handle benzene?

III. Methanol Production Ideas

IV. Combined Ethanol and Methanol Plants for Net Zero CO2 Fuel Production

details coming